We are a pest control company specializing in exterminating bed bugs. Bed bugs are very harmless but are one of the most prevalent pests found in our home. Their bites can produce rashes and allergic reactions. It is very difficult and irritating to get rid of them. If left untreated, it can create sever pressure on your health.

Bed bug infestation is very complicated to deal with. By cleaning, washing and hoovering your bedding and clothes, you will lay the groundwork only. But you need experts to do the actual job. We have the knowledge and expertise to get rid of bed bugs from properties. We use multi-step approach for removing them. We use modern technologies to make sure that they are dealt with thoroughly. We make sure that their population is controlled and they cannot regenerate from it.

It’s difficult to operate in the same place where people sleep. Before we start our operation, we explain our customers about our procedures in detail so that they feel comfortable with us. We make sure that you are informed about every step we take. Call us today for a consultation with our experts.