3 reasons to worry about bed bugs


Bed bugs are considered to be public health pest. There has been an increase int eh number of bed bugs in homes due to more travel, lack of knowledge on how to prevent infestations, and ineffective pest control practices. Bed buts do not transmit any diseases. Still, you should be worried about bed bugs for the following reasons.

  • They cause allergic reactions when they bite. These reactions can sometimes be serious. They might leave just a bite mark or even cause Anaphylaxis. The bites of bed bugs are painless at first, but slowly get itchy.
  • Secondary infections can be caused as a result of their bite reaction. These include Ecthyma, Impertigo, and Lymphangitis.
  • They can have mental health impacts on people who are living in infested homes. Bed bugs can cause insomnia and anxiety.

There are ways to control bed bugs. The first step of prevention and control of bed bugs is getting good and solid information about them. There are no chemical quick fixes to the bed bug problems. But there are effective strategies to control bed bugs. These strategies can be both chemical and non-chemical approaches. It is difficult to identify and find bed bugs. They are very small in size and they have the habit of staying hidden. The various life stages of bed bugs have various forms; so it is helpful to know about them. Bed bugs do not transmit any disease. But, as they can cause rashes and other infections, it is important to can preventive and control measures for getting rid of bed bugs from your property. We recommend the Bed Bug Extermination Team in Toronto & top bed bug extermination company in NYC. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator

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