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Measures to take once you’ve been attacked


Bed bugs are little creatures that can sneak into your bed, carpet, and furniture. When you sleep they bite you. The next morning you may be surprised to see the red and itchy mark on your skin. A bed bug bite makes a red, swollen area with a dark red center. The bites are in a line and grouped together in a small area. You can find blisters at the bite sites. Bed bugs can bite you anywhere on the body, especially the parts of the skin that are exposed while sleeping such as arms, legs, hands and face. The Boston Pest Control Experts can help remove this problem.

Bed bug bites don’t appear right away after being bitten. It may take a few days before you notice the marks. Bed bug bites are very itchy. You might have burning sensations on the skin. You won’t feel the bed bugs bite you as they release a small amount of anesthesia into your body before they bite you. Once you know that you have been bitten by bed bugs, you should take the following measures.


  • Don’t scratch the bite; this may lead to secondary infection and causing the affected area to swell. Bleeding may also occur.
  • Use an anti-itch cream to keep yourself from ‘itching’ the bite.
  • Take an antihistamine to help decrease the itching and burning sensation.
  • Use ice packs on the affected area. Ice packs can help numb the skin and reduce your urge to scratch.
  • Use an antiseptic cream or lotion if there is an infection.


Bed bugs are annoying. They are not dangerous or deadly. The symptoms of a bite will disappear in a few weeks. If you find bed bugs in your property, then you must call you’re a pest control expert immediately. It is hard to get rid of bed bugs by yourself. You need professional treatment for eradicating bed bugs from your house.

3 great websites to learn more about bed bugs


Bed bugs can infest your home and create an uncomfortable situation. Bed bugs are not only found in beds, but on furnishings, clothings and other surfaces as well. Bed bugs are extremely small and sometimes difficult to see with the naked eyes. They love to hide in small places and so it is very difficult to locate them. In order to protect yourself and your family from bed bugs, you need to learn about them. Here are some good websites to learn more about bed bugs.



This site is full of detailed information about bed bugs. You will get to know about the characteristics of bed bugs, ways to find them, various pest management practices, information about different pesticides, etc. You will learn about the various bed bug myths. The site gives you option to ask any question related to bed bugs and get your answers in a short time. Excellent bed bug extermination team in PHOENIX AZ.


This is a comprehensive resource house for bed bugs. Our top pest control Philadelphia team is on here.  Here you will find everything you need to know about bed bugs. You will learn about their physical appearance, their life cycle, feeding habits, how they come in contact with humans, what kind of skin problems they may cause, various bed bug treatments, what the government is doing about bed bug problems, etc.


Here, you will learn about various interesting facts about bed bugs. You will find several pictures of bed bugs in this site which will let you know how the different species of bed bugs look like. You will learn where they are found, how they spread, the signs and symptoms of bed bug bites, bed bug bite treatments, detecting infestation of bed bugs in the house, and many more.

These sites are excellent sources of information regarding bed bugs. You will be able to learn a lot about bed bugs from these sites.

3 reasons to worry about bed bugs


Bed bugs are considered to be public health pest. There has been an increase int eh number of bed bugs in homes due to more travel, lack of knowledge on how to prevent infestations, and ineffective pest control practices. Bed buts do not transmit any diseases. Still, you should be worried about bed bugs for the following reasons.

  • They cause allergic reactions when they bite. These reactions can sometimes be serious. They might leave just a bite mark or even cause Anaphylaxis. The bites of bed bugs are painless at first, but slowly get itchy.
  • Secondary infections can be caused as a result of their bite reaction. These include Ecthyma, Impertigo, and Lymphangitis.
  • They can have mental health impacts on people who are living in infested homes. Bed bugs can cause insomnia and anxiety.

There are ways to control bed bugs. The first step of prevention and control of bed bugs is getting good and solid information about them. There are no chemical quick fixes to the bed bug problems. But there are effective strategies to control bed bugs. These strategies can be both chemical and non-chemical approaches. It is difficult to identify and find bed bugs. They are very small in size and they have the habit of staying hidden. The various life stages of bed bugs have various forms; so it is helpful to know about them. Bed bugs do not transmit any disease. But, as they can cause rashes and other infections, it is important to can preventive and control measures for getting rid of bed bugs from your property. We recommend the Bed Bug Extermination Team in Toronto & top bed bug extermination company in NYC. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator

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